Monday, 1 April 2013

You think the Walking Dead Zombies are scary? You should read this.

I didn´t even think I would write this on here because I was respecting someone´s right to express their beliefs but even this is too creepy for me.

just like Rick Grimes I enter a place where it seems cool but ít turnns out to be darn scary. Now thinking back, I´d rather teach my daughter common sense and how to think like divine human being without the fear of guilt instead of spendind the next 22 years of her life feeling unhappy and with a lot of questions.

I was a bit pissed off when I discovered that some guy from David´s christian church decided to speak to him alone pointing him out that his "way of living" is "wrong" and he needs to make some choices. one of them was not sleeping with his partner. in other words me.

Oh God another "sex police" wannabe. there is nothing wrong with sex.. I doubt it was created just for procreating.

he isn´t the first person to get on my nerves.

I had a dream that warned me about my new friend and her family. needless to say since my birtday I have no heard from them since.

don´t get me wrong. I am grateful for the help these people gave to my daughter and myself but when I´m around these guys I can´´t be me. I have to listen to things that I can´t be bothered to listen to.

I´ll go by parts shall i? I found out later that they were christians then I discovered even later maybe too late that they´re a little hard core for my taste. some of the things they suggested for example removing what ever I have with "Hello Kitty" belonging to my daughter because it could slow down her process to speak was a bit of nonsense.

the older of her two boys is experimenting with some phrases and he came out with a comment which surprised me. what surprised me more was his mother telling me that children are born with evil. that was enough for me.

Their church they go to is even more extreme but I smell set up from the get to. now I have seen things like fainting, crying and so called "speaking in tongues" in other places, but this was going on every few minutes not to mention poeple screaming hysterically! and I don´t know what this reverend was trying to do with his staring though a little intimiating was no match for me. don´t have a staring contest with me. i invented that!

Valerie was a bit calm at first but after a few hours and then listening to the trumpet loudly, she began to feel uncomfortable and wailed.
Since then Í´ve listened to this poor boy tell me that my tattooes are bad, Monster High is bad.... and so forth.

There was me happy that i´d finally met a friend to talk to with a baby and now I wish that after the 3rd encounter I should have stayed at home.

Oh these people are really clever in opening th draw full of "shit" so you can feel vulnerable and sad so they can "save you" but once you tried to be you again they try to pu you down again.

My last encounter which annoyed me was when we were celebrating my sister in law´s birthday and some chick starts running her mouth by saying she saw me in a bar in Madrid the weekend before with Valerie. I said no it wasn´t me so she changed it to someone who looks like me. Luckily David believed me because we were at home around the time she claimed she saw me.

one of the 10 commandments is about not bearing false witness. christians my foot.

I am happy to go along and pretend I consent to my daughter to follow this hype but I refuse for her to be taught lies and stupidity.

If i do see my friends again i´ll pretend it´s business as usual because they´re not bad people, they´ve just got the "zombie" syndrome.

What would Rick Grimes do in a situation like this?

Easter Break.... better off celebrating it away from family!

Hope everyone´s Easter break was a good one. Mine was a bit of a let down.

My great uncle once said, "concentrate on your other half and kids.. they´re you´re real family everyone else can fuck off!"

He was right. don´t get me wrong. my mum is trying to help me out with Valerie by saving clothes and toys for her since they spent all the money from the house in London on their house in Italy and helping my brother out with his flat. which thank god I did not participate.

Mum´s no brainer is inviting my ex boyfriend to see her and my dad in Italy. that really pissed me off! why the hell is she even talking to him and inviting him. Everytime I go and visit them she and my dad are always talking about him like they want me to get back with him or something. it´s been 5 years i´m with someone else and incase it slipped their mind... I`´ve had a baby with him too.

I´d like a bit of respect for my partner and the father of their grandchild.

second. My brother proves that he hasn´t changed and he never will. he´s too worried about whether to send me money or not for a nursery when he said he would, that he forgets about his niece and never calls to ask how she is. but he worries about everyone else´s kids.

If they are hell bent on not helping me then that´s ok. I don´t need their help which will arrive too late. thank goodness that people have given us things for Valerie and formula and nappies aren´t expensive. i get a tax credit every month until she´s 3 years old.

I have had the worst Easter since I have lived in Madrid. even worse than when I use to live in London and had to spend it with that smelly bunch of people who call themselves friends of the family. I´m actually glad that i´m skint every month so I don´t have to go to Italy and put up with the same bullshit I did in London. I was thinking about joining my parents but now i´ve got other plans.

David is also facing similar problems with his sister so I think we as a family have to sit down and make a few decisions.

family.... what a let down.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

NORMA JUANA ... If stupidity was an olympic sport you´d have as many medals as Phelps.

Not too long ago... I stupidly accepted a person on facbook thinking she was a friend of my other friends. I didn´t see the photos she posted clearly which I should have at the time. they would have been a clear warning of who she really was. they were wedding photos. The next day the miserable cow decides to insult me on some of my photos. not happy with that, she decides to rob some of my photos and post them on her profile and insult me there too. She had also sent requests to some of my friends and tried to insult them too. I deleted he and blocked her from my profile but still didn´t know what she wanted until a friend pointed out... isn´t she David´s ex? my friend sent me the profile pic and the guy in the wedding photo was David. It turns out that the really stupid bitch and you will excuse my language because she deserves everything I say on here about her has known for some time that her soon to be ex husband is with me. she got annoyed that her request for more money to be sent was ignored and decided to annoy me by posting her tacky shot gun wedding photos and insulting me. i was also 7 months pregnant. don´t know how she found out because up until that point only few people in facebook knew. if her intention was to scare the shit out of David into leaving me or that i go into premature labour or miscarry... she failed. Luckily my future father in law the ex reverand Froilan kicked some verbal butt. What is this bitch´s problem you may ask? apart from being a bitter pre menopausal money grabbing, golddigging idiot who thinks having a meaningful relationship with someone is threaten to press charges for supposedly not sending child support, no one can stand her. not even her own family. Norma which is her real name decided to use a name which made no sense at all. RUBIO GONZALEZ ANGIE. you´d think someone with a least one functioning brain cell would know how to create a facebook profile correctly. she had help from her good friend and ex wife of David´s uncle Jose Cathy who has an even lower IQ than Norma has. Norma, I doubt you understand English, if you did, then it would work in your favour... If your pissed off because the only way someone will notice you is when they´re drunk, you should look in the mirror and analyze your miserable life. sometimes being a good mom is keeping your mouth shut and doing what´s right for your kids... you don´t even know what that is. and you insult me and call me "gnome?" that´s madame gnome to you! you are a waste of space which i only pity! stop wasting youro time on trying to get back at David or me and do something useful by getting a job or learning a new skill! If stupidity was a olympic sport, you´s be a gold medalist

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Exodos Back to London.... Count me out.

It seems that many years ago, when I tried to explain to my parents that buying a piece of land in Italy was useless because it would lead to more butt ache and things will not be better than they were in London. But My dad being the stubborn man that he was thought that everything was going to be great in Italy and has been trying to convince me to join them for years even investing my money in thier property. yeah like the land they bought. I think my dad forgot the reason we moved to London in 1979. Theere was no work in Italy and more than 30 years later, nothing as changed. Now they are planning to go back to London for work reasons and are hinting that I should leave Spain, heavily preganant and do the same,. yeah right. I moved to Madrid in 2008 because I hated living in London. I had no privacy at all, the "family" bullshit was always used. we had annoying people come to our house every week and wanted nothing but run our lives. christmas was crap because we haad to spend it with ignorant people. Not to mention my constant arguments with Parants over their self esteem issues. specuially my dad.s. yeah like that´s a healthy envrironment for a baby and lectures about life which I don´t need. Oh that I treat my friends better than my family. because I don´t live with my friends 24 hours day and they don´t say stuff they shouldn´t. what really makes me cringe is the thought of the smelly bunch of losers that my parents call friends are going to stick their noses where no one´s calling them. I split with a guy after 6 years and suddenly they wanted to know the details. i´m sure they want to come around to see what David Looks like so they take pot shots behind my back. Epsecially Lucia and her Idiot friend Irma. SO thanks but no thanks I´ll visit. but everyone else can keep away.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Free to express myself by writing whenever I want!

I use to paint and draw many years ago. It the only way I could express myself without having to speak because no one would listen and if even if it was my only way for me to express myself I was always put down and made fun of and this was from my own family members.
slowly I gave up on art and secretly began writing. I say secretly because I did show a couple of people and although one gave me advice on how to make my work better some chick who couldn´t even speak English properly told me that I needed to make changes in the characters and I couldn´t use the person i wrote about as a muse. i never showed anyone else. I thought the cheek of this girl. It doesn´t matter what my story is about and who I chose as my my muses. For example my hero from the age of 9 and now is Bret Hart. whilel every girl in my age group were drooling over New Kids on The Block,Take That and other Boy Bands who eventually split, I had my eyes set on a person who wans´t a singer or an actor and while my parents and brother tries to get me to change with threats, insults and other people butting in, I didn´t listen. Then afterward came, other muses, Carlos and then Jesus. two people who woke something in me and I had to write more. of course I had a bot of compertition from writer wannabes who did nothing but pretend to support me then in their underground forums insult me. their stories were the same shit about kidnapping and torturing thier so called favorite singers. One finds inspiration anywhere if they are open to it. Thsnks to my friend Mia who helped me to open up to new things and since May 2007, I began the journey of the next story i´m wirting. In September of 2007, Met a person who inspired the wolf tattoo I´ve got on my left wrist and the book i´m working on while i´m maternity leave is slowly buliding up. I´d like to thank everyone who believe in me and feel I have what it takes to write. everyone else can get stuffed.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Getting rid of Social waste of space!

Back in April of this year, I was happily at a concert with the news of my pregnancy frech in my mind when my friend Vivi, mentioned that she saw a person which I thought I had seen the back of in September 2008. apparantly the news of my pregnancy got to her and she wanted to say hi. I thought I may as well be polite and say hi back. after listening to her "pretending" to be interested in me i went to my seat to enjoy the show. would you believe my surprise when about 2 months later I got a friendship request from her in my facebook, asking if I remembered that I had lived with her for 3 months and she wanted me to let her know how things were going with my baby. I a word which is commonly used in the UK. "Bollucks" to that. that´s the thing about Facebook. you can choose who can have as your friend and who you can tell to get stuffed. I not only refused her request but blocked her as well. If I had added Silvia as a friend and then let her know about how my daughter was doing and then she showed up with a present for her imagine what I´d have to listen to afterwards. she´d soon annoy me to go out with a drink or what ever with her and if I refused she´d come out with "yeah but I bought your baby a present!" and then remind me of the stuff she apparantly did for me when I lived with her which I haven´t forgotten. I don´t need friends like her... And certainly not like people like Daviina who probably isn´t on Facebook who I don´t want any contact with. And Lucia, jeez, I deleted her and her family off my facebook because after 25 years of putting up with her bullshit when I lived in London because her parents claimed to be friends with mine, I decided that I don´t have to put up with her on Facebook and I have no intention of looking her up when I visit London with my daughter next year. We could never stand the sight of each other and I guess her parents were looking for some idiot to take care of her when they decided to move to Italy for good. No thanks. Her brother reminds me of "Comic store" guy from the Simpsons, still lets mom tell him what to do and we´ve never seen him with a woman. And they smell too. i´n not trying to be childsish here, they all smell of body odour, and their house does as well not to mention that other parts which i won´t mention which make me ill thinking about it. And there´s a whole list. Irma, at least I know the difference between a Mexican and a Bolivian. Jenny, your life story is sad but no one wants to hear it everytime you want to get in to a show for free. Mayte, next time I´ll dedicate a blog on you. Hector, perhaps you should learn to be a friend first instead of trying to get into a girl´s pants. Erick, a dog has more loyalty than you. They say that you can choose your friends and not your family. Social sites make it easier!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back with more than 2 cents.

It´s been more than a year since I posted something on here. I was in Italy and I was commenting about how a completely useless person who thinks he´s some big shot superstar thinks that he´s going to get a platinum for his songs if you can call them that. I try not to be a resentful person but it is really hard when I meet people who do nothing but let you down or stab you in the back or at least try to. One person that I am going to talk about claims to be David´s best friend. I say claim because he´s the most unreliable person I know and a hypocrite. The only thing that is worth some kind of appreciatioin on his part is that thanks to him, David and I are together but other than that I´m glald he´s kept his distance. Like David, Erick arrived from Peru on the same flight would you believe, recruited to work in Spain. the difference between the two is outstanding. I´m not saying it because David is my man but even long before we started going out, i could sence that there was something about Erick that I didn´t like. He´s never stopped telling everyone that he´s married but felt the need to shag any bird who didn´t know what kind of a person he was. then he would put his wedding band on like it makes him a better person. then he lectures me about moving to a side when David is suppose to bring the mother of two of his kids to Spain. like thst´s going to happen. Hé´s confused me with Emily. the girl he use to live with a few years back. Now that Erick´s wife in in Spain, suddenly he doesn´t want to be seen with us. apparantly she has a problem with David and me being together living together and having a baby. Like she´s going to pretend that before she came to Spain ahe wasn´t seeing anyone in Lima. No one is perfect and it doesn´t help thinking that you´re better than everyone else. the Truth will come out Erick and when it does you´re screwed! Before I go, i´d like to mention that the is Justice in the world. remember in previous posts there were comments about a worker named Jessica. she must have got on more people´s nerves apart from mine because they moved her from the post she had at the airport to another post far from her home. First Parla and then Toledo. I think it´s a tactic to bore her into quitting. there´s more. Another stuck up bossy cow also got her own. Erika, a so called hostess who´s not only rude to the customers but racist too, was releived of her post as hostess and demoted to regular worker. i´m not one to laugh at other people´s digraces but they deserve everything they get.