Monday, 9 June 2008

When the Dawn Rises: part 3

"Well!" snapped Maria, "Hven´t you guys got anything to say?"

There was still silence.

The boys were still shocked from hearing the story about their much soughted treasure.

"Er..." Mateo croaked, looking at the other 3 and then looking at Maria.

"Where´s the book?"

Maria smiled and gestured to Rosa with her eyes.

"Somewhere safe." Rosa reassured them.

"But we can´t let you see it."

"Why not?" Asked Carlos.

"You´re not worthy." Esperanza said, matter of factly.

"What?" hissed Carlos

"Well," Maria added "You´re not!"

He began to get Irate with his sister.

"First you tell us you have the book, then you and your crazy friends fill our heads with this story about witch hunts and magic people, and now you are telling us that......"

"You´re not worthy yet." Maria interuppted.

"Eh?" the boys cried in Unison.

"You need to be worthy first of all." Esperanza added.

There was silence.

"You mean we have to pass a test?" Sergio quizzed.

"It´s not just any test." Maria warned.

Now they were confused. So many mysteries, so many questions and now they had to endure a test.

"Surely it´t not that tough." Paco finally said.

"It´s not a normal test." Rosa insisted.

"It´s a test of strength of the mind, body and spirit.It´s a test of endurance and of skill."

"But why?" Quizzed Carlos. "I´m sure none of you had to do it!"

"Sure we did!" Carolina snapped. "How do you think we found out we can do what we can do."

"But why all this test?" Mateo asked.

"We need to hide the book again." Maria explained.

"It can´t fall into the wrong hands."

"Great!" Paco exclaimed. "So what are we waiting for? Test us already!"

The girls looked at each other and then turned to the boys.

"There´s more." Carolina told them.

"What?" urged Sergio.

"We´re you not listening to the story?" Carolina hissed.

"You four are going to be tested for something else."

they thought for a moment.

"We have to guard someone?" Carlos asked them.

The girls nodded.

"Who?" Urged Mateo.

"Well it´s complicated!" Maria told them.

"But this is certain, we don´t have time. we have to do the "Melt the still life" ritual during the week of the full moon which is in 3 days."

"Oh dear God!" Sighed Paco.

"And since we don´t have time to wait to test you one at a time, we need to test all of you at once." Rosa continued to explain.

"And we have to pass?" Carlos presumed.

"Of course!" Maria replied.

"And if we don´t?" Sergio urged.

"That´s not an option!" Maria hissed. "You need total concentration for this test, If you fail then you might die from not being able to handle the ritual!"

"Er Maria!" Esperanza called her.

She gestered for Maria and the other 2 girls to join her so they could whisper privately to each other and they looked at the boys.

"Seriously..." Whispered Esperanza "You think they are ready for this?"

"They look scared." Added Carolina.

"of course they are ready." Maria insisted "They just know it yet."

"We´d better let the others know." Rosa suggested.

"Already told them!" Maria replied "They have everything ready!"

"So you are sure about them?" Carolina said.

"positive." Maria insisted. "Sure they are scared, but they don´t know what powers they have. They just need to learn how to harness them."

After discussing some more, the girls approached the teenage boys and looked at them.

"Alright." Maria told them.

"Do you want to be a part of this?"

The boys nodded.

"Good!" Rosa replied.

"But just to warn you before hand. After the Ritual, nothing will be the same afterwards in your lives."

So with that, they waited for the week of the full moon to arrive.

Nothing would be the same for any of them from then on.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Temporary breakdown...... At least my mind is still working!

I´ve been away from here for more than a week... a few things have come up, mainly the computer in the flat has decided that it´s had enough and isn´t working...

I wish that the whole story..

Sadly, it´s not. My friend, Flat mate, or what ever I decided to refer her as, decided to show her true colours when we were in Dublin last weekend.

With her it´s either her way or spend the whole time being in a mental sword fight with her. OK I decided that enough was enough and showed my true colours. When I get angry. she took the hint.

I am not a violent person, I try not to upset people or make them feel uncomfortable, I always try to be polite and respectful, like my parents taught me, but I am not a push over and I do no Submit to anyone.... My thoughts are my own and nobody is brain washing me or trying to make me do something I don´t want to do, I Decided in my teens that that was not going to happen.

God the reason I left the UK is so that I could be my own person, not have someone tell me what they think I should or shouldn´t do. Anyway I am lucky that Her family have been very supportive with me staying with them they told me to don´t take what she says or does personally, I won´t.

Well we did reach to an agreement, what ever I do in the privacy of my room, stays there and she knows to stay out.

Anyway all that out of the way, I feel better now knowing that I put my point across and I am not afraid to show it. Like I said I do not submit to anyone.

I will upload the 3rd part of "When The Dawn Rises" sometime this week along with my pics from Dublin.

Oh yeah speaking of which.... I decided that the Celine Dion concert was the last time I "lurk". sorry it´s not because of IL DIVO or Celine,l though I can understand why they don´t come closer... Those who know me will know why... I am way too polite to mention it here, it does have something to do with well... lets just say that, The guys read all the posts on their forums....

til next time..