Monday, 1 April 2013

You think the Walking Dead Zombies are scary? You should read this.

I didn´t even think I would write this on here because I was respecting someone´s right to express their beliefs but even this is too creepy for me.

just like Rick Grimes I enter a place where it seems cool but ít turnns out to be darn scary. Now thinking back, I´d rather teach my daughter common sense and how to think like divine human being without the fear of guilt instead of spendind the next 22 years of her life feeling unhappy and with a lot of questions.

I was a bit pissed off when I discovered that some guy from David´s christian church decided to speak to him alone pointing him out that his "way of living" is "wrong" and he needs to make some choices. one of them was not sleeping with his partner. in other words me.

Oh God another "sex police" wannabe. there is nothing wrong with sex.. I doubt it was created just for procreating.

he isn´t the first person to get on my nerves.

I had a dream that warned me about my new friend and her family. needless to say since my birtday I have no heard from them since.

don´t get me wrong. I am grateful for the help these people gave to my daughter and myself but when I´m around these guys I can´´t be me. I have to listen to things that I can´t be bothered to listen to.

I´ll go by parts shall i? I found out later that they were christians then I discovered even later maybe too late that they´re a little hard core for my taste. some of the things they suggested for example removing what ever I have with "Hello Kitty" belonging to my daughter because it could slow down her process to speak was a bit of nonsense.

the older of her two boys is experimenting with some phrases and he came out with a comment which surprised me. what surprised me more was his mother telling me that children are born with evil. that was enough for me.

Their church they go to is even more extreme but I smell set up from the get to. now I have seen things like fainting, crying and so called "speaking in tongues" in other places, but this was going on every few minutes not to mention poeple screaming hysterically! and I don´t know what this reverend was trying to do with his staring though a little intimiating was no match for me. don´t have a staring contest with me. i invented that!

Valerie was a bit calm at first but after a few hours and then listening to the trumpet loudly, she began to feel uncomfortable and wailed.
Since then Í´ve listened to this poor boy tell me that my tattooes are bad, Monster High is bad.... and so forth.

There was me happy that i´d finally met a friend to talk to with a baby and now I wish that after the 3rd encounter I should have stayed at home.

Oh these people are really clever in opening th draw full of "shit" so you can feel vulnerable and sad so they can "save you" but once you tried to be you again they try to pu you down again.

My last encounter which annoyed me was when we were celebrating my sister in law´s birthday and some chick starts running her mouth by saying she saw me in a bar in Madrid the weekend before with Valerie. I said no it wasn´t me so she changed it to someone who looks like me. Luckily David believed me because we were at home around the time she claimed she saw me.

one of the 10 commandments is about not bearing false witness. christians my foot.

I am happy to go along and pretend I consent to my daughter to follow this hype but I refuse for her to be taught lies and stupidity.

If i do see my friends again i´ll pretend it´s business as usual because they´re not bad people, they´ve just got the "zombie" syndrome.

What would Rick Grimes do in a situation like this?