Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Free to express myself by writing whenever I want!

I use to paint and draw many years ago. It the only way I could express myself without having to speak because no one would listen and if even if it was my only way for me to express myself I was always put down and made fun of and this was from my own family members.
slowly I gave up on art and secretly began writing. I say secretly because I did show a couple of people and although one gave me advice on how to make my work better some chick who couldn´t even speak English properly told me that I needed to make changes in the characters and I couldn´t use the person i wrote about as a muse. i never showed anyone else. I thought the cheek of this girl. It doesn´t matter what my story is about and who I chose as my my muses. For example my hero from the age of 9 and now is Bret Hart. whilel every girl in my age group were drooling over New Kids on The Block,Take That and other Boy Bands who eventually split, I had my eyes set on a person who wans´t a singer or an actor and while my parents and brother tries to get me to change with threats, insults and other people butting in, I didn´t listen. Then afterward came, other muses, Carlos and then Jesus. two people who woke something in me and I had to write more. of course I had a bot of compertition from writer wannabes who did nothing but pretend to support me then in their underground forums insult me. their stories were the same shit about kidnapping and torturing thier so called favorite singers. One finds inspiration anywhere if they are open to it. Thsnks to my friend Mia who helped me to open up to new things and since May 2007, I began the journey of the next story i´m wirting. In September of 2007, Met a person who inspired the wolf tattoo I´ve got on my left wrist and the book i´m working on while i´m maternity leave is slowly buliding up. I´d like to thank everyone who believe in me and feel I have what it takes to write. everyone else can get stuffed.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back with more than 2 cents.

It´s been more than a year since I posted something on here. I was in Italy and I was commenting about how a completely useless person who thinks he´s some big shot superstar thinks that he´s going to get a platinum for his songs if you can call them that. I try not to be a resentful person but it is really hard when I meet people who do nothing but let you down or stab you in the back or at least try to. One person that I am going to talk about claims to be David´s best friend. I say claim because he´s the most unreliable person I know and a hypocrite. The only thing that is worth some kind of appreciatioin on his part is that thanks to him, David and I are together but other than that I´m glald he´s kept his distance. Like David, Erick arrived from Peru on the same flight would you believe, recruited to work in Spain. the difference between the two is outstanding. I´m not saying it because David is my man but even long before we started going out, i could sence that there was something about Erick that I didn´t like. He´s never stopped telling everyone that he´s married but felt the need to shag any bird who didn´t know what kind of a person he was. then he would put his wedding band on like it makes him a better person. then he lectures me about moving to a side when David is suppose to bring the mother of two of his kids to Spain. like thst´s going to happen. Hé´s confused me with Emily. the girl he use to live with a few years back. Now that Erick´s wife in in Spain, suddenly he doesn´t want to be seen with us. apparantly she has a problem with David and me being together living together and having a baby. Like she´s going to pretend that before she came to Spain ahe wasn´t seeing anyone in Lima. No one is perfect and it doesn´t help thinking that you´re better than everyone else. the Truth will come out Erick and when it does you´re screwed! Before I go, i´d like to mention that the is Justice in the world. remember in previous posts there were comments about a worker named Jessica. she must have got on more people´s nerves apart from mine because they moved her from the post she had at the airport to another post far from her home. First Parla and then Toledo. I think it´s a tactic to bore her into quitting. there´s more. Another stuck up bossy cow also got her own. Erika, a so called hostess who´s not only rude to the customers but racist too, was releived of her post as hostess and demoted to regular worker. i´m not one to laugh at other people´s digraces but they deserve everything they get.