Saturday, 29 July 2017

Time to banish those awful name suggestions!

Namaste guys, what's shaking?

There's been blog last week for health issues. The god awful back ache is almost too much to bear.

But let's skip that and move on to this week's topic.

Last week I went on about how families whether intentional or not hijack your pregnancy because they still think we live in the times of old testament and their opinion matters.

I don't mean to sound rude but not happening and own thing that still annoys to this day is suggesting names that they like for the baby because it has some meaning to them.


Before our daughter was born we already had her name chosen after we found out we were having a girl. Some people thought we needed their help in chosing a name.

The suggestions were pretty horrid. One guy actually suggested his wife's name which was Dominga which is another nick name in Spanish for "Tits" .

My mum suggested "Angelita" after a little girl some American soldiers found dead on a beach during world war 2. Really I'm gonna name my kid after a dead one?

I've heard even shitty suggestions for a boy.

Don't these people realise we're the parents.

Oh but some dads need a reality check too.

Steven was suggested , it still is. Why? because the dumb assed dad loves Steven Seagal. I won't even consider Stephan because it's the same shit and I am not naming him after a biblical character who gets stoned.

Other names like Brad, or Tom. I don't like Tom Cruise and why would I name my kid after actors. I even was suggested Kimberly. One I use to know a complete bitch named Kim and 2 you may as well suggest, Kourtney, Kendall, or Chloe. The last one is not to bad but my niece is called that.

And what is suggesting biblical names? I know a kid called Gaddiel or what ever. It's an old testament name. Obviously his parents didn't stop to think how this name would affect him in school .

Sounds like Gangrel , the wrestler who had the vampire gimmick years back. Actually Gangrel sounds better.

This kid's oldest brother is called Jairus. Sound familiar? I mentioned last time that my father in law is obsessed with that name and wanted to name his Grandson that. It sounds awful in Spanish and fuck knows the version in Italian.

I hate it. It's up there with Steven, Tom, Angelita and Dominga.

Jonah is another one . Why do I want to name my kid after a guy who was swollen by an imaginary whale?

I was even told that I should consider the name of the guy who supposedly found the Arc of the Covenant. Fuck no, it's hard to pronounce and besides he's a fraud.

Every time I see my father in law using a market on some bible chapters , I'm thinking "I hope he's not looking for possible names because I will tell him no way!"

Just like I did the other day when he brought up Jairus David.


I promised myself that next time I will get smart and not tell people my choices because its none of their damn business.

And when I do say something and they're butt hurt about it, so what? They can get over it.

Everyone else's suggestions can hop onto a boat and sail all the way to the Island of butt ugly names and leave me the hell alone.

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