Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Blogging... Relacement for journal entry?

My first trip outside Spain since moving there was to Dublin in Ireland. arriving there was pretty stress free, but other than the reason why I was there which was to see Celine Dion and IL DIVO in action, and to meet some old friends and a new one Angel.... I had to deal with a pain in the arse while I was there and when I got back to Madrid.

I remember browsing in an Irish Gift shop and something caught my fancy. It was a journal, it was at reduced price and I thought well then If I am going to write about my experience in Madrid, I need to write it on paper first.

I use to write in diaries when I was younger, what use to piss me off was having a younger brother who would read the contents of them and then blackmail you afterwards. I got smart when I started hiding them in places I knew he wouldn't look. then I got even smarter by not keeping one at all. I wrote what I was thinking and I was an unhappy teenager, which is no surprise really, but the issues that I had to deal with made living my own life harder.

Looking back I don't really know why I was so concerned about writing all this stuff down if I wasn't going to make use of it. Until I moved to Madrid.

Coming back from Dublin, I began to write what I was thinking, from the huge bust up with my ex flat mate to when I started work. The whole month was eventful, I had more ups and downs because I was starting to be myself more and I was writing what I was thinking. I realized that if I wanted to defend myself through words, then I didn't necessarily needed to use my voice, so I continued to write in my journal in the early hours of Saturday morning only a few hours before I was moving to where I currently live now.

I was still writing things down, for example, there are a lot of things about people I know that are in my journal I have for reference. Most of it will never see cyber space and there are somethings which I am going to post like feelings about other people who have truly touched me in a way that is hard to understand unless you have lived it yourself.

But what's with Blogs anyway? why do people feel comfortable pouring personal stuff about themselves into them. why would anyone go into explicit details over stuff that could start World Wars? And why am I willing to write about things like that myself?

Because I don't want there to be anymore surprises with me. My move to Madrid brought out the me which would eat the invisible chicken suit as Anticuchu. the old me would have never written half of the stuff I have written on here.

I am writing a book for God's sake, If I was worried about what people thought, then I have no chance of being a writer.

I am almost at the end of my Irish Journal. Will I get another one to write down more things or shall I just write on here.... who knows...

Film Fest Feast of Symphony Rock Fusion

Last weekend Innocence was Promoting in Mostoles Madrid where there was film festival... I didn't stick around for the screening of the movie cuz I had to go to Terminal 4 and pick up my boyfriend from work.. but I did see Innocence's performance.....

What can I say? Last weekend was great.. Never been to a film fest even though I was only there for the opening act....

I arrived at Mostoles about 5.45 pm and after asking around where the venue was, I came face to face with the funny looking building.. it's called the "Forest Theatre" and you can see why.. it looks like a forest. OK I found the entrance after figuring out where to go and was chatting a bit on the phone with Mia when all of a sudden a few feet away from the entrance, there she was. Geraldine, chattiing with Rosie (Carlos in case you read this your sister absolutely rocks!) Danny (yum) Sergio ( Thud) and El Maño (dear God Thud!)... El Maño's face was a picture when he saw me... he was surprised as hell, they all waved and Geraldine came over to say hi and thanks for coming.... she said it was a surprise to see me there... then I remembered that I was still talking to Mia and asked if Mia wanted to talk to Ger. Mia certainly didn't say no. then after that Ger had to go and get ready..

I had a problem at this rate.... I didn't have a ticket... Well it said free entrance and I assumed you didn't need a ticket... but the nice lady at the box office said that If I waited perhaps somone would come to the box office with a ticket they no longer needed.... I didn't have to wait long.. I asked for 2 and gave my spare to a friend of an Old lady in the queue... I was front of the queue but lost my place when I saw all the free goodies... but that didn't matter because where I was in the queue still gave me a shot in the front row.. Ger was doing a press interview and pics were being taken.. I managed to take one from where I was which was upstairs.

The doors to the actual theatre opened Half an hour late but it didn't stop me from getting to the front row.. I was asked if I wanted to move further to get a better view... excuse me? I'm in the front row here I can almost touch the stage and you want me to move? I don't think so.. and best of all I was allowed to use my camera!!

Ger came on looking gorgeous with her corset and as for her dancers.... Thud.... ALex the Choreographer was also there making them 4 dancers.. She sang McAuthur Park which I managed to tape 30 odd seconds of the start, Naturaleza Muerta in Spanish.... holy hell any closer and I would have fainted and Un Rio Profundo where the guys were egging everyone to participate... and yes someone shouted Guapa a few times!!

As soon a Ger was done I asked if I could leave the theatre and there were no problems with that... I couldn't hang around to see the movie cuz I needed to go and pick up my boyfriend from work... I waited for Ger and the dancers to exit... didn't have to wait long cuz Danny was the first one out and I gave him a Hug.. Followed by Alex G... who asked how I was, I told him much better... He naturally has a raspy voice... then El Maño who really is a great Hugger asked me how I was and said he almost didn;t recognise me earlier cuz of my hat.... it was freezing.. he was wearing a nice woolly scarf and I told him that he made a smart choice in wearing it. Then I said my goodbyes to Sergio who was dragging a suitcase and a bag with the "Trident" from Naturaleza Muerta.. then Rosie... I wanted to chat to her a bit cuz she was always busy last month.. she was a little busy last night too but had time to tell me she couldn't believe I was there for the show... She was even more surprised I was talking in SPanish... Ger was in a hurry to leave cuz she had to go somewhere for a promo or something... But she had time for a hug and to sign an autograph for my friend Angel... and I gave Geraldine an extra hug for the "Birthday boy"..

And Off I was back to Central Madrid...

Once again thank you so much Geraldine for sharing your wonderful talent with us..

and as for the Guys, Alex G, Danny El Maño (nobody calls him by his first name!) and Sergio.. thanks you guys.. you're all pretty special..

And here are 2 videos I took. they are very short cuz I wanted to save the battery...
I'm extremely proud of this one.

MacArthur Park.

Hmmmm let's see..

Fayre to Mostoles Madrid 4 Euros in Total....

Lunch courtesy of Carrefour Super Market... 2 Euros...

Entrance ticket to the film fest 30 minutes of waiting for a spare....

Seeing the look on a certain person's face when he saw me and making a 30 second video of him dancing.... Priceless!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

No time Limit on how long you know someone to call them a friend. Part 1

Last year, I traveled to 8 cities over 5 countries to see my favorite group IL DIVO in 11 concerts and one of my fave solo artists Innocence in 2 .As usual all five were fantastic and well the stories I could tell of my travels would make interesting conversation topic openers.

With all these concerts going on, you have a chance to meet people. Some you know from other concerts and some you are meeting for the first time. We would meet up and go for a pre concert drink and if we hadn't seen each other for ages we'd catch up on some gossip.

A lot of them I met on the forums of both artists and we'd chat for ages on messenger about everything from which song we liked best from each artist to funny things Our pets keep doing.

Anyway I'll tell you about my 4 best friends. I met them all on the IL DIVO forum and if you look at our nationalities Italy, France, UK and Sweden... we could make a female version of IL DIVO, but we wouldn't be as vocally talented... Actually Virginie has a great voice.

Speaking of which, I met Virginie in 2006. first on the forum after she was asking a question about where to stay in London when the group were going to make their appearance on the morning show "GMTV". since I had been there 4 times already and I knew where to go and what time we were likely to see them arrive,I invited her to stay with me and my family. She was surprised at first. here was someone willing to trust a complete stranger to stay in their home for 2 day, where as someone would have given her a list of hotels to stay. Virginie wanted to meet IL DIVO as she had never done before, There was a list of people going to the studio already posted on the topic forum and by some of the names I read, I knew some of them wouldn't give her a chance to get near them and some like with many artists feel they own the group...

We spent 2 months planning to meet up and what we were going to do or say and when I went to pick Virginie from Eurostar, she was really excited about the following day.. So excited that the poor thing passed out on the Subway and spent 4 hours in A & E wrorried that she might have to stay over night. well that didn't happen.

In the end we did go to the studio where they were shooting GMTV and we were greeted by the IL Divo manager who told us all to queue up as we were going to be sent in 4 at a time. Imagine that 100 odd women showing up in the pouring rain, waiting to go into the nice warm building where 4 of the most gorgeous and vocally talented artists in the business were standing... Since I was due to go in next I looked at Virginie, another french girl Guilaine and 2 Swedish girls (Part of IDSOW....Il Divo's Swedish Outrageous Women)... I let them in before me. they came all the way from another country to see their favorite group and if it were me going else where they would do the same.

Well I got in too to see them, and When their Website announced the dates to the world tour, Virginie was thinking about doing the London concerts and as the months went by we found out we were going to do the same concerts, 11 in total. Some countries she was visiting for the first time, like Ireland and Holland. we had a lot of fond memories of each visit to each country and we experienced some moments good and bad.. Like when we arrived to Madrid and the airline forgot Virginie's suitcase in Barcelona. When we met Carlos after the press release of his wife Innocence's music Video "The Show Must Go On" and he was trying to copy her French accent and when he said say hello to London for me... Virginie told him all of the places we were going to one by one and he said "Oh yeah and...."

Our get togethers are always fun. There's never a dull moment with Virginie and well that's what I like about Virginie... we do crazy things together... I said to her "wouldn't it be funny if during La vida Sin Amor (which 2 of the guys dance salsa) they had hula hoops!" The next thing I Knew Virginie drove me to a sports shop and we bought 2 hula hoops and brought them with us to the IL DIVO concert in Paris. It was hysterical.. I couldn't believe we were going through with it, and what shocked us was that the 2 guys David and Sebastien took them off us. David wanted to use his, but Sebastien was a bit erm... chicken.

Some narrow minded person made a comment on how French and Italians would never get on because of what happened at the World Cup final in 2006. Well that's bullshit because we've proven them wrong big time. Besides Virginie Likes the Rugby World Cup and Sebastien's best friend is Italian (Sebbie is French by the way)

I owe Virginie a lot as a friend because since meeting her, I have done things I have never done before. I guess having a partner in crime helps.. lol..

Next time I will post about my other best friends who have taught me more things about me that I didn't know about myself.

And who said you have to know someone for a long time to consider them as a friend. Why? is there a written law or unwritten law? I don't think so... What ever happened to taking a chance on people..I know people are scared to trust these days but hey if your gut instinct is telling you that you are dealing with a good person... why argue

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Things I can't stand the taste of...

Things I Can't stand the Taste of.

There are some things that I have grown an absolute dislike of since I've been living in Spain. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Spanish cooking, as long as you can actually cook it. But there are some things that are left alone to the professionals.

I found some things here taste pretty fowl and here they are including the reason I won't touch them with a barge poll.

It's actually a Swedish dish. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are better ways of cooking it but I can't stand it. It's a dish which is layered with Potato, anchovies, cream and god knows what else, this one had cheese but still urgh! My idea of “Temptation” Is a very gorgeous looking man in a...... You catch my drift.

I hate this with a vengeance. Who in their right mind would want to eat raw fish eggs.. I wouldn't serve it to my cat let alone my guests if I was holding a dinner party. Why would someone pay so much money to buy something you don't like the taste of just to show of to your guests and get into their good books.

Very overcooked pasta. I think it's disgraceful the way I've seen and heard the way some people cook their pasta here. First of all I know that I am in Spain but I lived in the UK most of my life before coming here and even though you will get some people who do not have a clue how long it takes to cook pasta, it clearly says so on the packaging. I was once told in Spain, everyone likes their pasta a little over cooked. I'd like to remind people that I am Italian and I take my pasta very seriously, You cannot expect me to believe that out of 6 million Madrilenos, everyone throws their pasta against a wall to see if it sticks there. The next time someone serves me over cooked pasta which looks like wall paper glue, it's going over their head!

Cooking cream. It makes me break out with so many spots and it does no favours for your figure not to mention your arteries.

Coleslaw... other wise known as American Salad. I haven't liked it since I left high school. Nothing has changed.

Bland Food. Please, not everyone in Madrid is like one of my Ex bosses from where I use to work in London, least of all me. I like my food with a lot of flavor. If it doesn't have at least a pinch of salt then I will not touch it.

Bland fried Chicken: Again put some salt on it.

Deep fried Chicken wings:
Who's idea was it to introduce this on some of the menus in the most boring places of Madrid. If it's not cleaned, covered in batter, flavouring, BBQ sauce or even a little salt, then do not expect me to eat this shit.

Raw Mackerel: I don't want to die of food poisoning thank you very much. I may as well play Russian Roulette with Badly prepared Fugu.

Who ever invented this, needs to be shot. It's absolutely fowl tasting
and I can't believe people actually drink this stuff.

Nachos: I've grown such a dislike to these things it's not funny. The only thing I do like is the cheese sauce and Jalapeños. Other than that, if someone offers to share it as a starter they can bloody well eat them themselves.

Mashed potato Soup:
I like my Mashed potato to well look like Mashed potato not wall paper glue.

Pasta sauce from a Jar:
If you are going to do something with pasta, please have the decency to put some properly made sauce and not some cheap rubbish because you either don't have a clue how to make it yourself or you can't be bothered.

Callos: This dish is way too strong for me and since my Trip outside Madrid, I haven't touched it since.

I don't hate them, but I don't love them either. I'm in limbo when it comes to this cocktail. I guess i still need to find a place that makes very good mojitos.

Baileys and Vanilla:
This I do not like at all because it tastes like something a five year old put together. It's Baileys Irish cream with Vanilla milkshake. I'd rather drink baileys either straight with ice or in coffee or even better with Ice cream.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The World of Innocence, music, magic, dancing and fun!

We waited nearly 5 months for this week to arrive.... We had a feeling this time around the shows were going to be bigger, better and well full of surprises..... we were not disappointed. Here's our story......

The whole experience started the weekend before the concerts.... Mia and I wanted to see if anything was going on there and there was.. last minute preperations and Carlos was in fact there in his role of "mr producer" he is a pretty demanding guy.. he wasn´t coming out so there was no way we were gonna ask someone to call him over... We heard Ger practicing some new songs and we got to hear the new intro.. it made us question.

Well as a bonus we did meet 2 dancers.. the Choriographer Alex G and a guy that Mia took a shine too... Hinley... They remembered me from Gay Pride weekend, especially Hinley( yes I named my cat after him)... it was fun talking to them.. they didn´t believe us when we told them we would be there at all 6 concerts... I told Hinley that I was bringing my boyfriend to one of the concerts and I told him he was Peruvian... He said that where he´s from which is Cuba they have nick name for them which is "Panchitos". which means "trouble" At least it wasn't a swearword...

Right the week of the Concert...

The first night all these famous people from Spanish TV started showing up.. I met up some other friends I hadn´t seen in ages...well tell a lie 1 saw 2 of them in Dublin last May... Beatriz, Gemma, Candy and Teresa who were in the famous "Rooster" photo from last year's concert with us. we were talking about whether this concert was going to be packed. I said yes.... but because there was a premier of "Che The Argentine" a few yards away some were unsure.... Oh ye of little faith...

Well one of the guys was from a TV series I watch when I am not working.... he's cuter in real life... also there was a cute guy with very long hair who was South American with god knows how many buttons undone on his shirt.. I say that cuz I could see his tattoo of a spider on his chest...

OK Never mind that...

We we entered the venue there were free drinks.. Mia handed me a flute with Spumante which I thought was wierd considering we were in Spain,... but hey what can I say cheers Carlos!!!! I took wine too and Gemma told me that one more of those and I will start thinking Geraldine has a twin when she's on stage... ha ha ha..

We got to meet the mother of the artist France who just screams personality, as usual she wore white which she wears quite well..

The intro of the concert was spectacular.. it had the same as before.. you know intro to Lettre a France then Naturaleza muerta and then the intro to Macarthur Park... but what was super spectacular was Geraldine´s entrance. She was suspended high up in the air on a harness with a Guardian angel behind her with his wings stretched far out... he looked familiar... I looked closer and it was El Maño!!! OMG OMG!! finally we got to find out what the intro was like... when they were both on the stage the rest of the dancers got into position and this angel boomed "Welcome to the World Of Innocence!" Mia wasted no time in pointing him out to me and I was like "OMG I know!"

He got his wings off really quick, Then as you could probably guess Ger went into "The show must go on" and well it was fantastic... what was really fantastic was that because the stage crew had to make room for the stage they took out the front row... so the the second row that we had became the front row...

MacArthur Park was spectacular.. and As for Maldita Soledad, this time Ger was singing by this tall gate.....

OK Gotic from the Tula Brothers.... It´s always a joy to see these 2 in action.. the gold pants were exchange for black short leggings but still OMG!!!

Lettre A France.... I will admit that I was crying to this song even though my french is pretty bad but she was sensational as usual.. Sin tenerte A Ti.. love this song... maybe cuz of the action that goes on around her.... sorry but very difficult not to notice those guys and those chairs... at one point H had El Maño drop to his knees in front of me with his chair and yes I was thinking "Thank you God". Had I attempted to take a picture of that moment I would have dropped my camera along with my jaw.

Por quien Vivir por Siempre..... every night, Ger made a funny comment About why Carlos wasn´t there... she said it was an interactive duo and that she had no idea what it meant.. "I suppose "Inter" for international and "Active" because it´s not passive... i don´t know I´m blonde... sorry I am trying to make jokes here!"

The first night she said "a lot of you have asked me lots of questions for example if I can give them the phone numbers of my fabulous dancers (Me me me me!) and if all this is mine (she was pointing to herself)... well of course it is I paid for it!" she went on to say Carlos was with 3 other guys who were OK and they sing OK but her team were way better....

But this interactive Duo was sensational, her voice has grown in the last year and this duo was sooooo much better than last years.. seriously it was.. of course Carlos appeared on a huge screen singing and he was spectacular too... the 2 dancers Alex G and Gema were sensational and as usual I was crying..

There was some new bits in this concert... there was another Coriography with the dancers... it was like Mortal combat meets, Matrix, meets Crouching Tiger meets this new craze from Japan with the huge drums... It was a fight simulation sequence but it was bl****dy good!!

I loved this song Ger sang next,, it was in French and her costume was amazing... She was wearing a silver metalic suit and was sitting on a chair with wires and bolts and stuff... she was pretending she attatched to it... Alex and Sergio appeared on these pogo stilt thingys and they were the evil cyborgs who controlled all the others stopping them from trying to get to Ger.. the coriography was great on this one... I´ve never seen such hot looking robots....

the 2 girls Sira and Gema did an acrobatic routine which was superspectacular....

Then she did a track which I think it´s called This Woman´s Work...By Kate Bush. She came out with a green shiny over coat dress thing which had a lilac underskirt which made her look like she was wearing a crinolin.

This was one of my fave numbers... she did a cover of Duran Duran's Wild Boys and my god... she came out with a Burgandy Corset and the rest of the guys came out with capes with crimson shoulder pads and red pants.. OK you can probably guess that they were vampires in this song... I actually like Vampires....hmmmm they do give a whole new meaning to the phrase "Bite me!"

Then The kungfusion sequence... this would make a great workout DVD by far....

Naturaleza Muerta was next.. I love this song and this time Ger was singing it all in Spanish.... There was some sould effects of sea and Seagulls at the begining before she sung the song...

The next 3 songs were super sensational as always.. Especially Frozen... what can I say... men and Leather.... Un Rio Profundo was better than last year cuz the were going nuts.... at one point... Skizzo grabbed El Maño and they do si doed and Gema was sitting on El Maño´s ass and kicking her legs up while he was moving his hips.. the strength on that man...

The encore was a Dance version of Macarthur Park which I made a video of at Gay pride 2 months ago but still have no idea how to upload on youtube

I got waved at by my lovely Angel.... so I was grinning like a cheshire cat...

After the show there was like a mini party the VIPS were in the foyer with drinks and nibbles and Ger was going to meet us all with her dancers... This was a chance for Mia and I to give them a little something to remind them of these concerts. As you know Ger likes to collect fridge magnets and Mia had some made of Ceramic in the shape of Roses... We did play the game of hunt the dancers as we had a rose for all 10 of them.. the first one was El Maño.... who said "I saw you in the front row." i was blushing well so was he when we gave him a rose.. he speaks a bit of English so to Mia´s relief I didn´t have to translate... He´s a good hugger... then there was Yurij, Hinley who is a flirt and told me not to be so nervous... he was making me nervous when I met him the weekend before... Alex G was lovely but he was ill... I told him not to get too close but did he listen like hell he did...

Alex and Sergio luckily spoke English well they did to Mia, and the girls were surprised we got them something each... one of them did the "we´re not worthy" gesture when I told her we were going to all the concerts....

Tete is a new dancer and also from Cuba he was such a sweet heart... and Skizzo awwwwwwww he shaved his hair but he still looked like a cute pirate... He was shocked when I told him he had admirers... I said would you believe me if I told you and he said "no" I also asked him what did he do to his hair and he said "why don´t you like it?" and I rubbed his head and said yeah I do... i asked him what his real name was and he replied "Skizzo"

Mia wanted to see if El Maño´s spikey hair was rock solid... she said it felt like sugar.... yum... we got a pic with him.... hmmmmmmmmmmm sugar....

Ger was quite busy this night and because I was sick I decided to shake her hand rather than kiss her.. she loved the fridge magnet... She was really busy chatting to everyone this night.... We met France again I told her we loved the show and I cried and she said "me too" then what surpirsed me was she started speaking to me in Italian, I was a bit relieved but she said she had lived there for 5 years when Ger was a girl.

We had a chat with Antonio, Ger´s other manager.... he´s a lovely guy.. cute too... he was also at Celine´s concert in Dublin...

The rest of the week was pretty much spectacular, The dancers and Ger came out through the stage door the rest of the week and we said our good byes to them.. they were surprised we were there the dancers that is... Yurij said we´d probably know the who concert by heart by then... well conisdering that I couldn´t cheer or hardly speak until the last concert.. Mis had to cheer for me....

Thursday´s concert was the best of the 6, there were a few boo boos... Carlos suddenly appeared behind the gates during Maldita Soledad, The lights were late for Sin tenerte A Ti, The sound effect didn´t come on for Naturaleza and Sergio Bless him forgot to do his flies when he had his outfit on for Lettre and Sin tenerte...

our little coven was made complete when Vivien arrived on Friday and we went out for Sangria me, Mia and Vivien.... I goty a little tipsy which Hinley thought was funny...

´Saturday´s was special cuz, all of the mums of the dancers were there, and France and Carlos´parents too... I decided to bring my boyfriend with me to this concert. We arrived ten minutes before the concert started because David being a man who has a bit of a problem with time keeping arrived late and I was on the verge of choking him... (no i'm kidding) but i've converted him into a fan to it can't be all bad... I introduced him to the dancers after the show. Hinley laughed when they met perhaps he thought I Told him that he referred to him as "Panchito" well I did but he didn't know what it meant..... and at one point El Maño looked at him and said "Oh you´re the guy she was waiting for the other night!" David looked at him and said "She told you?" and he said "She was waiting ages for you mate" Then he Met Ger who told me that she loved the last present I gave her and I gave a book this time called Messages of water... then she looked at David and Said "Look after her for me!"

The Belgian Divas were there too... Lindsay, Nadia, Linda and Silvia.... El Maño proved to be quite popular for a photo because the girls all got one with him and VIiven.. the photos are hysterical because he has a different face with every girl.

Carlos' mother and father were at this concert too and I said Hi cuz Mia and I had met them earlier in the week.they asked me how I was because they knew I had been ill. (when MIa and I met them I could barely speak) I introduced David to them and the first thing Sr Marin asked was "He speaks SPanish doesn't he" and I said "he's Peruvian" they were chatting for a bit about the concert and about singing. I wasn't surprised.

The last night was the most emotional of the week cuz obviously it was the last one... but what melted my heart was seeing my 2 friends Anto and Marieta... both of them are 15 and they were so nervous.. they started crying when the intro began and throughout the whole concert they were holding hands and crying and singing to all the songs.... their dream came true after the show when I took them to the stage entrance and they met Ger... Seeing them made me burst out crying and when El Maño came out (he´s always last) he gave me a hug and said we´ll see each other again soon.... we took one last pic with him.... special thanks to his friend who took it (who was also very cute)... Anto and Marieta also love Sergio so they were happy to have a pic with him and Alex too..

I was happy that they met Ger... stroked their cheeks when they were still crying....... she told us that thanks for supporting her and I said your welcome, I thanked her for a great week and did the same with most of the dancers... I even ran into a friend I didn´t think was going to be there...

It was a crazy week but I am soooo happy.. thank you so much Geraldine for a great week....

Thank you so much to the following, El Maño, Skizzo, Alex G, Alex, Sergio, Sira, Gema, Tete, Yurij, Hinley and Tete for you talents too you all rock...

Thanks so much to Rosie.... you totally rock...

To Charlie the concuctor.... thanks for trusting us with your son in the same row as us.

to Carlos.... you are a genius, you totally rock, thanks sooooooooo much for this.....

Oh and would like to espacially thank Vivien and Mia, thanks so much you guys... this had been an adventure and I can´t think of anyone else to share this with... Mia you really need to teach me how to dance and Vivien, if you're not in that Orchestra next year playing the cello then the conductor is being silly!

and to Skizzo, ALex G and Hinley.... Sorry.... sorry you guys got my cold... I warned you I was ill but the reply was "that´s ok we don´t have to sing!"

whoops I forgot El Maño sounded like he was getting a sore throat... as much as it pained me to tell him "don't come anywhere near me i'm sick".. he said he wasn't bothered and came closer...

ok more booboos but that´s what made these concerts memorable..

Hinley falling over his own pants during Kungfusion,
El Maño´s ribbon decided to cling onto his body...
Yurij almost fell off stage twice.... and at one point so did El Maño (we know he´s called Jesus, he prefers El Maño)It would give a whole new meaning to the phrase "It's raining men"

funniest moment.... seeing El Maño acting like a loonie outside with his friends pretending to flie... He´s a big guy by the way.. (what was else was in that can of Fanta?)

And well I am counting down to the next performance.... If I had to do it again, I would do it exactly the same but I would change one thing... thatis to take better care of my health.