Sunday, 2 July 2017

So you think you can do better?

Namaste what's shaking?

These days I feel a bit drained, what with being broke, having my father in law in hospital and having to go to work and share a space with ex co workers.

But the thing that runs me the wrong way is indirect attacks with the way I am raising my child.

Not that I care what anyone thinks but I would like to point out a few things.

First of all there is no correct way of being a parent, you are constantly winging it.

If I choose to let my 4 year old use her dad's iPad so I can bloody get the house work done or get through a session of DDP yoga without being interrupted, then I will bloody well do it.

Secondly my Daughter loves climbing up and down the poll on the train and going around in circles. Apparently there must be something wrong because I have never told her to stop doing that.

The only way she is going to learn that its dangerous is when she falls and smacks her head!

Thirdly the older generation and some uneducated folk on my side of the family would tell me that I needed to baptize my daughter before the age of 3 or else God forbid something happens to her. She's 4 and a half now. That kind of emotional blackmail doesn't work with me. Besides she survived 9 months of gestation.

Next, why don't I take her to church? Because I am not going to force her into something she doesn't want to do. Unless she asks me which she has and I do take her sometimes.

Why don't I teach her about the Bible? Again, when she's old enough to choose what she wants to believe in , she can read it herself.

Apparently I'm a bad parent because I'm taking my daughter to the Gay Pride Parade! She wasn't in any danger 3 years ago when I took her with my best Friend Mimmi and people thought we were a same-sex couple taking our daughter out for the parade. Not that we corrected them. She was happy that someone gave her a rainbow coloured flag.

I've told her that this year we're going to a big party with lots of rainbow flags, happy people and people who look like her uncle!

Oh and a friend of mine is performing so we're going!

I need up tell her about hell? No I don't. I will tell her that there is no such place and if you do something wrong, you are accountable not some make belief scapegoat.

She still thinks it's normal that Sponge bob lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Bed time is another issue, apparently I shouldn't co sleep with her and I shouldn't let her sleep so late.

Like I keep saying each to their own.

Why do I let her have a meltdown in public? I don't, she meltdown on her own and I've learned to make her stop, just to start running. She snaps out of it in no time.

And I do not appreciate people pretending to perform van exorcism on her. She's only having a meltdown, she's not mentally unstable.

And I hear I would never allow my child to act like that.

Say the people who were even worse as kids and wouldn't accept the sex of their baby until the last month.

Why didn't I name her after a relative, or the saint who's day she was born on?

Surely by now you have realised that she's my child and I will name her what ever I want.

Why isn't she fluent in 3 languages like you?

She will be when she's ready. And I am not sending her to shitty after school language classes. I want her to integrate with the other kids her age, not isolate her. We're not going back to Italy any time soon or the UK. There is no rush.

And lastly, I give her chocolate and I spoil her. Someone call child services! I'm spoiling my only child, the one I had after suffering a late missed miscarriage and two more after that!

I would give her a giant toblerone if I could just to annoy people!

I'm not being aggressive here. I'm just challenging anyone who think they can do a better job of raising my child.

Can you?

I didn't think so.

With that said , Namaste to all of you til next time.

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