Monday, 28 July 2008

Finding Salvation in Goya and Vasquez De Mella, Madrid,

Yeah It sounds a bit silly but, It was the day I moved into my new place... I Pretty much promised that I would be at the closing Ceremony of the Gay Pride Parade in Madrid and well here´s my story.....

That weekend was incredible... It was like celebrating a big birthday party and Whenever there´s a Chance to Support Innocence doing a promo, I´m there like a shot.

I was pretty much have a nightmare week and needed to basically take my mind off the fact that I was given so much heart burn that the acid would have burned a hole in Vasquez De Mella square. With that out of the way, I met my landlady, signed the contract, handed over the money, moved my stuff in and 5 minutes after everyone left I was Taxi faster than you can say "Expo-Zaragozan!" (one of my jokes)

Now Innocence was suppose to be singing at 8.30pm and I was arriving there at 9.45pm. Thank God that no one in Spain takes punctuality seriously because when I got there She hadn´t sung yet and was busy in a sing off with little Alex Arce.... Alex was making an impression of Geraldine but she out sung him. I hugged and kissed both of them we were chatting and I had mentioned to her the night before I was moving flat (we had an interesting conversation about cats) Well That was how I found out what she was singing this night in question. I was scanning the back stage to see who esle I could talk to. I mean last year I had seen a few dancers hanging around the Teatro Haagen Dazs but was a bit of a chicken to approach them. I Thought to myself "not this year!"

But there was one other person I wanted to talk to and as soon as I spotted him my heart skipped a beat...It´s not a secret that I think this guy is hot so I walked over and called him over, he gestured "who me?" and I said, "Yes you, come here!" The first thing I said was "you´re name is Jesus isn´t it?" and he said "Hell yes!" (well his exact words were "Si Coño!" but hey!) and I asked him if he remembered me from last year, he said where and I explained but he said "sorry i´m busting my brain to remember where I´ve seen you.." then I showed him the photo and well he took it off me and showed the other dancers yelling "Look a photo with El Maño!" OK for those who are not from Spain it bascially means "The Zaragozan".why he referred himself in a third person I will never know perhaps he´s a fan of "The Rock" I dunno. He definately has a thick accent. I tried explaining that I´m not Spanish and he said "yeah I can see from your top!" we were chatting about the fan following these dancers have everywhere,... God was he surprised and I told him "you´re a handsome guy." he put on his "aww shucks thanks" expression. It´s not often that I make a grown man blush...

Well I asked for another photo which surprised me that I didn´t pass out at the time. I had my pic taken with alot of the guys and Geraldine herself... I had to basically tell the dancers they had fans everywhere.. I mean their faces when I told them, especially Sergio Alex´s brother and Jesus. Ger took one of me and the Arce brothers and Danny who made a great fake birthday present for my friend who was just visiting.

And as for the show? Ger was spectacular as usual singing a Dance version of Mc Arthur Park, then The Show Must go On and Un Rio Profundo! The Show Must go on is a Particular favourite of mine cuz I love the facial expressions that the dancers make... well am I the only one who thinks someone rolling thier eyes back like WWE´s Undertaker is hot.... (He must be a wrestling fan!). I was busy shooting a video of the show until the memory cary was full halfway through "Un Rio Profundo!" but hey I went back stage... (If you can call it that) to chat to the others again... got an intersting photo of Alex G, and Jesus pulling funny faces and I gave Jesus a teddy from London, well he didn´t know it was his at first. I just told him to hold it while I took a photo. he was on the verge of giving it back when I said "it´s yours" His face...

It was sooo fun chatting to these guys and Ger, it was especially funny when Little Alex and Ger were singing and Alex was trying to outsing Ger but you know Ger she won and Alex was like "Oh do be quiet!" as a joke. I think it was the quote that made King Juan Carlos the King of Quotes!

It was just fun, after the do, Ger went home and I asked her how Carlos was and she said he was busy, And I SAID i can imagine, the dancers were chatting to their friends and I met a friend who basically told me she wanted Danny for her birthday. so i told everyone it was her birthday. I hadn´t seen her in ages and didn´t recognise her. we have a lot to catch up on especially since she has been through alot of crap that I can guess from where excuse my language.

It was fun... what a way to cristen a new flat.

the Whole atmosphere there was amazing... I was dancing, singing, chatting with the party goers and well my first "Tinto De Verano" wasn´t too bad either!

All I can say is, Thank you so much to all the party goers for a great atmosphere, to Geraldine, Alex, Sergio, Alex G, Danny, Yurij, Sira, Gemma, Jaime who is new to the team, and of course Jesus....

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Back from La la land!!

I haven´t been around much lately cuz I moved into a new place and things have been a bit crazy lately. It´s a bit like starting from scratch... Finding myself once more only this time I can do it without any restrictions

I Cristened my New place by going to a Party.. Gay Pride 2008 in Madrid and these guys can really party. On top of that I met up with some interesting people.

I am back to writing my book about my life in Madrid and i´ll let you know how that is going.

in the meantime I am off to Enjoy the beautiful day out here in Madrid