Friday, 19 June 2009

What a Difference A Year Makes part 1

i bought myself a Journal earlier this week. I like to make a note of things that happen in my life so I can eventually write about it.

I bought a Journal last year when I Was in Dublin because deep down I knew that when I got back, the shit was truly going to hit the fan. And I wasn´t wrong.

And boy did I write,

Of course the night before I moved into my new flat in Goya I was warned not to mention the conversation that was between myself, my ex friend and flat mate and her mother. well I didn´t say a word because they did all the talking. I didn´t want to give them the satisfaction. so I kept a mental score.

When I finally moved into my new flat, that was when things started to change. No more being badgered into going to a bar with only 4 people in it. no more being pimped to guys, no more having to listen to constant moaning about the partner of a Certain Swiss opera Singer.

Of course having spent over 500 euros on the deposit of my room and the rent, I was left with very little to spend for the month. that still didn´t stop me from buying the basics like food, tooth paste and washing powder. I Still got to go for the occasinal drink. And yes there was Gay Pride, that party was free.

Now moving on, My laptop sort of took over my journal and now I am about to be left without a laptop because my "Brother in Law" Suko is going to upgrade it for me. so I have to write the old fashioned way.

And believe me, by the time I get my lap top back, the journal will be pretty full because not only will it be about my life so far but they´ll be some feed back on the other books I am writing.

Another one has now appeared. "La Gran Locura" exactly what it says on the tin. it´s about friendship, work, love and a trip out side of Europe.

My friend Vivi is about to take a trip out of Europe herself. she´s off to Canada and then the US. first to see her favourite French Canadian Comedian who is quite cute, then she´s off to See Il Divo. lucky her.

I´m lucky that I am making a trip at all this year. To London. It´s about time too. I will be going alone because for David to get a visa appointment, he has to wait until 2011.

Still we can always do Sweden. Mia´s already offered her place for me and David.

more next time.