Tuesday, 6 June 2017

London always Stronger

Namaste guys what's shaking?

I know it's been well over a week since I last checked in but I was figuring out what to actually post. So many things but I will promise you that I won't get political.

London got attacked over the weekend by some idiots claiming to be from ISIL. London Bridge and Borough Market.

The Police shot the attackers dead before anyone else got hurt.

I only found out on Sunday Morning when the "possessed" TV in our too. Came by itself and some people were talking about London being attacked.

I thought they were talking about Westminster from months back.

Then I checked my news feed on Facebook and it hit me.

London was attacked.

But London didn't come to a halt.

It was business as usual despite the attacks.

I lived in London for nearly 30 years before moving to Spain. I remember the bombing in 2005, everyone still went on with their business, The IRA bombing in Ealing in 2001, people still went on. Not to mention previous bombings, before that and people still gave Terrorists the big "fuck you!" By continuing with their lives.

Not even the Nazis could invade during the Blitz and Londoners were like, oh it's just a scratch.

The plague , The Fire of London and even William the Conquerer couldn't fucking break London's spirit and these snot faced little men think running people over and stabbing them , will scare them into submission?

Oh come on, you are as stupid and deluded as the wankers who tell you that you're gonna meet up with 72 virgins after you've blown yourself up along with your bollucks!

And why do you need to use Syria or Iraq as an excuse to kill innocent people? These people get shot , murdered , raped, tortured and lose their homes every day and they wanna see more carnage?

Go and fuck yourselves.

You even kill Muslims for not following your own twisted version of your beliefs.

You're doing it for yourselves.

You're not brave, and you're not soldiers. You kill unarmed people , even kids. What the fuck are you afraid of that a little kid will do? Hit you with a fucking Telly Tubby.

And I know pregnant women can be moody but dangerous?

What gets me is that these are young British people who are killing other Brits in their own country, if that isn't treason, then I don't know what is.

My message to the wannabe terrorists, go and do something useful with your lives.

These rogue imams are too cowardly to carry out these attacks so they brainwash you into doing it.

Get a job or go to college or university, and stop embarrassing your family and your country.

My message to London is stay strong. don't let hate win, be kind to one another. This too shall pass.

We are not afraid.

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