Saturday, 21 August 2010

Very far from the tooth fairy!!

Remember a couple of years ago when I had tooth trouble and everyone was nagging me to see a dentist?

Well after having been to the emergency room in Madrid and given pills. I thought that was the end of it. until 5 months later when it began coming out in pieces. I was left with half a wisdom tooth. it was a year later that I went to a dentist. I didn´t have a choice since it was my friend and sister of my boyfriend.

a couple of weeks ago I was in agony. I thought it was gum problems but before I could say I´ll be fine, David was on the phone to his sister booking me a late night appointment to see her the next day.

result.... Root canal on one of my front teeth. apaprantly it began rotting when the dentist in the UK. put in the filling when I chipped it. this was why I never went to dentists.

And as for the rest of my wisdom tooth? it fell out in 2 pieces last week.

The way the crisis is affecting spain these days I think I need to give the tooth fairy money and not the other way around.