Saturday, 21 August 2010

Very far from the tooth fairy!!

Remember a couple of years ago when I had tooth trouble and everyone was nagging me to see a dentist?

Well after having been to the emergency room in Madrid and given pills. I thought that was the end of it. until 5 months later when it began coming out in pieces. I was left with half a wisdom tooth. it was a year later that I went to a dentist. I didn´t have a choice since it was my friend and sister of my boyfriend.

a couple of weeks ago I was in agony. I thought it was gum problems but before I could say I´ll be fine, David was on the phone to his sister booking me a late night appointment to see her the next day.

result.... Root canal on one of my front teeth. apaprantly it began rotting when the dentist in the UK. put in the filling when I chipped it. this was why I never went to dentists.

And as for the rest of my wisdom tooth? it fell out in 2 pieces last week.

The way the crisis is affecting spain these days I think I need to give the tooth fairy money and not the other way around.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Being Me

I looked back at the last 12 months with joy sadness and perhaps with a different perception on how my life in Madrid has been since I last moved out of another flat. Somewhere between shoving all my belongings a shedload at a time on Metros for a week and then going on the move again using a shopping trolley from "Eroski" I discovered that I´d lost myself somewhere.

And just recently I´ve found myself saying "where have you been?"

OK I appreciate everyone´s intentions in wanting to help me find my way, get comfortable or what ever it is but, I need to do this my way. And if it means going through every single one of my chapters of the book I have been writing for almost 2 years and re wrtie it, then I will.

Don´t get me wrong, I´ve had some interesting experiences and my experiences come to life when I´ve lived them.

As some of you, once in a while my sixth sense decides to reveal itself. It can leave me shaken but For those who think that it´s evil or It´s messing around with I "Un Godly" things. perhaps they should dig deeper. I know that there are people who are hiding something. perhaps a gift that they were happy enough using when they were younger but got the "lecture" about how wrong it is. And maybe they still do it but hidden.

The only difference with me is that I´ve only just started and I only want to do good. I only want to help if people let me. I don´t offer miracles because as I said I am still learning.

Tings would be a lot easier if people just faced their fears. I know a couple of people who need to face theirs. I know what base of their fear is and they need to wake up and face them head on. Because I am not going to do it them for them.

Last year I had to face one of mine. Of course what I didn´t know was that I was heading into an "ambush" which OK at the time worked. I couldn´t spend the rest of my life being angry at that person or at myself. It wasn´t my fault and that person wasn´t in his head at the time.

The important thing is that I survivied and I´m free.

I´ve decided to show my true colours at work. I said that I would be putting my foot down more often. I just take everything with a bit of calm. So what if there were a shed load of people queueing up for food? there were other restaurants as well in the airport and if the managers are so concerned that there aren´t enough chips why don´t they give them to the customers raw? Oh and this is precious. I can´t thank David for bringing me a box of fries anymore because these people immidiately think that we´re up to something. I don´t see anyone else giving me a hand in the kitchen and unless we have our hands all over each other then they can tslk but until then....

So what if I speak more languages than they do. it´s a free country last time I looked and if I want to comment in English then I will.

And this is the best part. I decided to lose some weight that I had put on during the summer so I asked a friend of mine to sell me some Herbalife products and then a month later I asked for her to sell me the liscence to sell so I can get the products at a discount. I managed to lose 20lbs in the first 2 and a hald months and sbout 30 inches of hips, thighs, bust and waist. which is impressive. I´m now what you call a size 36 in most Europrean clothes shops and I´d dropped 2 dress sizes. I feel better than I´ve felt in ages.

But as usual some like to comment. I´ve heard some say that this is nothing bujt a fad diet, that it´s all going to go back on. Apart from the 6lbs I put on when I was in Italy, I stopped taking the products for a month and only gained 7 inches everywhere. Everyone at work can continue to eat the junk there which they call "food" if they can call it that because it marvels me how they can tell me that they´ve all put on weight since starting work there and ctitise my quest in putting heathly products in my body which have been selling for 30 years and the sole reason why the this product was created was so that people could lose weight safely and not put chemicals in their bodies.

David takes Herbalife because he was nursing a pot belly that would make an "Ekeko" proud and he only had to take it once a day. And of course there were comments made towards him to.

What you eat today, will have effects tommorow. believe me I´ve seen it in my family and other people I know. I´m not saying you can´t eat this or that. Just be careful.

I seem to be taking a few other things with calm where as last year, I would have gotten upset, I guess some people need to learn that they are not the centre of the attention or God. I had an incident annoy me right off earlier today and I am not going to put up with it. rather than keeping quiet, I am going to politely make an issue about it.

Sorry but no one will be spared this time.

I think I have been patient long enough and the true me is not going to take a back seat again.